SpaRitual Passion Project 12 Piece Display

SpaRitual Passion Project 12 Piece Display

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The SpaRitual® Passion Project 12-Piece Display includes 2 each of the following shades: With Purpose, Passion Project, Set Your Intention, Manifestation, plus 4 Flexible Topcoats. 10"" W x 3.75"" D x 8.5"" H

Purpose and Benefits

Passionfruit Aromatic Extract Blend: A 100% plantderived blend of aromatic extracts provides a joyful and energetic aromatherapy experience. • Certified Organic Blue Agave Extract: Used for centuries to maintain a healthy skin balance, helps soothen and relieve dry and itchy skin from being overexposed in the summer sun. • Certified Organic Goji Berry Extract: This “superfood,” best known to slow the effects of aging, is rich in antioxidant Vitamin A and in Amino Acids to help protect and plump skin. • Certified Organic Pomegranate Extract: An antioxidant containing Vitamins A, C and E, and an excellent source of Folic and Ellagic Acid. Ellagic Acid enhances the enzymes in the skin, fights free-radicals, and is anti-inflammatory. It helps to maintain collagen levels, both by promoting its synthesis and by assisting with inhibiting collagen-degrading enzymes.