How to write accurate product descriptions that sell

how to sell secondhand goods online selling product description

When you’re selling online, even if it’s just an old couch, you’re bound by the same rules as professional online retailers. Chief among these are the rules of how to write accurate product description that tells the buyer everything they need to know and entices them to buy.

Below we will explain exactly what you need to know to create product descriptions that captivate and inform.

Start with the selling points

Here are three things about your product that you don’t want to make your reader scroll down to find:

  • What it is
  • Who it’s for
  • Why it’s great (how will it positively impact the customer’s life)

  • You’ll want to lead with these three points. What’s more, you’ll want to explain them concisely, in just a few sentences.

    Finally, be enthusiastic about the selling points! There are many times in life where modesty is a virtue, but not when selling a product.

    Delve into the features

    Next you’ll want to give your buyer all the information they need to buy. Let’s say we’re selling a laptop. We’ve already highlighted the benefits: For instance that you can work from anywhere and run any modern program. Now we need to highlight the features: How much RAM does it have? What are the dimensions? Does it have a disk drive? And so on.

    It’s almost impossible to get too specific with features, especially when selling secondhand goods. Buyers will want to know everything that might be wrong with your items as well as what might be right with them. People know the articles are used. They will expect minor problems, but they will also expect you to be up front. Failure to do so may lead to bad reviews and a diminished reputation as a seller.

    This can be tedious, but it’s very important to include everything that might be relevant to the customer.

    Formatting is important

    Gigantic blocks of text are your enemy. It’s important to make your description neat and easy to read. When in doubt, use concise bullet points to convey specific ideas.

    Also, never allow a paragraph to stretch on for more than two or three lines in a product description.

    Consider using keywords

    Search engine optimization is a massive discipline unto itself, but here’s a simple tip for drawing more people to see your products: Use a specific set of words (in the search engine world, they’re called “keywords”) in your item title and in a few of the subheads. Keywords are the words that a person would type into a search engine, such as “gold bracelet with diamonds,” or “iPhone 6.”

    Some people don’t use a lot of subheads when they type, but in most word processing programs there will be an option to change normal text to Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and so on.

    Use Heading 1 for the main title of your page, and make sure that your important keyword or keyword phrase is in the title. Then break up the description text with a Heading 2 subhead and include the keyword phrase in that heading as well.

    There are a lot more tips for helping your products be found on search engines, but these basics are simple to implement and make a big difference.

    How to write accurate product descriptions that make your customer happy

    How many times have you been just on the verge of buying online, only to realize that a piece of critical information was missing from the product description? Who wants to take a risk that an item won’t fit in their house, or that an electronic device won’t play the right files?

    The glory of online selling is that no matter how strange or niche your items might be, someone somewhere out in the wide world may be looking you have. The flipside of that is that your customers will have exacting specifications. Remember it is much better to provide a great deal of specific information than to worry about “selling” copy. Customers are much more likely to buy from the store that answered all their questions.

    Be detailed, be thorough, and your secondhand goods will sell in no time.

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