How to make a product video that helps your customer: 4 tips.

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Sometimes a picture isn’t enough to demonstrate the value of a product. Sometimes, you need to create a video.

While videos may be very helpful to the customer, they do require a bit more effort to create than a product image or description. In this article we’ll explain how make a good one that provides a lot of value for the customer.

How to make a product video when you’re not an actor or an editor

Most of us have taken pictures before, and most of us have written descriptions. Video skills are more esoteric. Don’t worry, though. There are a few steps that can help you pick this up.  

The process

The nuts and bolts of creating a video are pretty simple. Nowadays, a good smartphone and a stand will enable anyone to create a fairly professional-looking video. Script out what you’re going to say, shoot the video, edit, and repeat until you have something you’re happy with.

The technology and the process aren’t difficult. But making a script can be.

Tip #1: Show how the product fits into the customer’s life

This video is for the customer, so begin every sentence in the video with the intention of addressing a customer’s needs. It’s not about showing off how awesome your product is. It’s about their lives and how it can help.

This is a difficult one to get right, so here’s an English-teacher-style tip. Every statement you make will have a subject (what you’re talking about) and a predicate (what action the subject takes). The “subject” of your video is not your product. The subject is your customer.

If the majority of things you say in the video address the customer, then you won’t be able to help but consider their needs. This may be an odd way of looking at it, but if you aren’t a natural salesperson, it may help.

Once seeing things from the customer's’ perspective becomes habit, you’ll be able to create smoother videos.

Tip #2: Show how your product is used

This may seem obvious, but while you’re trying to connect with the customer you may forget to actually demonstrate your product. Make sure you do demonstrate. When selling used goods, the great advantage of a video format is that you can show a product from every angle and demonstrate it in action. This builds trust in the user’s eyes. Don’t miss the opportunity to do this when making this video.

#3: Speak to your target audience

If you’re trying to sell to a specific audience, then you should target your video to that audience. If you’re talking to women, make it clear you’re speaking to women. If you’re targeting a particular town, you may call out the name of the town. Anything you can do to personalize your video will help.

#4: Don’t try to scare anyone

Don’t try to scare your customers into buying your product. It’s tacky and rude. Speak to the benefits of buying your product, not the dangers of not buying your product. Remember that they’re watching that particular video because they are already interested in that particular product. You don’t have to create the need; they already have the need.

At the end of the day, your customers are buying online, and if they feel put upon or manipulated when they watch your video, there are many other sites and products that are just a click away. Scare tactics will only hurt you, they won’t help you.

These four tips will guide your overall approach. Once you have your strategy down, it’s just a matter of doing take after take. It’s rare to create a great video on the first try.

Product demonstration videos can take a long time to produce, but they’re worth it. A good video will entice the viewer and build trust. Absolute gold for any seller.

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