How to Give the Perfect At-Home Massage


After a stressful week, there’s no better way to unwind than with a relaxing massage. But it can be hard to find time in your schedule to accommodate getting a massage at a spa — which is why you and your partner can learn to give each other the perfect at-home massage. Not only will massaging the person you love help them find the sense of calm they need but will increase the level of intimacy in your relationship.

But before you can reach a deeper connection with your partner through the art of massage, you need to learn how to give the best massage possible. Here’s how.

Set the ambiance

Create the Ideal Atmosphere

The easiest way to elevate an at-home massage is to set the mood in the room. Think about all the times you’ve visited the spa. From creating a soothing atmosphere with candles and dimming the lighting to using aromatherapy to impact other senses, you want to create a calming environment where your partner will be able to relax their mind and body. Don’t forget to remove electronics from the room that may be a distraction or take you both out of the moment.

Choose a Soothing Massage Oil

Although massage oil isn’t a requirement, it will make your at-home massage feel more like a professional massage. Using massage oils makes it easier for your hands and forearms to glide over their back and reach tight areas without the unwanted friction of skin on skin. You can use an unscented oil so it doesn’t overpower the scent of the candles in the room, or you can amplify the aroma by using an oil with a scent such as lavender or chocolate mint. If you can’t find a scented oil your partner likes, you can even mix in essential oils to create a unique scent of your own. Instead of applying the oil directly to your partner’s back, we recommend applying it to your hands to help it warm it up first and make it more comfortable. 

Determine the Perfect Pressure

When it comes to receiving a massage, everyone has different pressure preferences. To ensure your partner gets the at-home massage they’re dreaming of, it’s important for you to openly communicate with them and understand how much pressure they want. As you begin, ask them if they like the pressure or if they’d like it harder, lighter, or if it’s just right.

Once you determine your partner’s ideal pressure, it’s time to get into the meat of the massage. Start out slow with long, firm strokes to warm up all of the muscles in the back. From there, you can begin working in circular motions across their back to get deep into the muscle. If you uncover any knots, you may need to use your thumbs or forearms to get a bit deeper into the muscle and work out the knot.

Although a professional massage may incorporate elements such as hot stones or other elements that you may not feel comfortable using on your own, you can still give a perfect at-home massage by following these steps.

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