Essential Oils On-the-Go: Aromatherapy Roll-Ons for Mind & Body

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Essential oils benefit the skin, mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re looking to alleviate pain, reduce stress, improve focus, or promote digestion, there is a blend of essential oils that can aid in your healing process. But if you’re new to the world of aromatherapy, the art of blending different combinations of oils can seem daunting!

Aromatherapy roll-ons deliver all the benefits of essential oils and blends but in a convenient way—making it easy for you to absorb the oils through your skin and reap their healing properties.

How Do Essential Oil Roll-Ons Work?

While essential oils are often enjoyed through inhalation, you can also benefit from absorbing the essential oils directly through the skin! The roll-on mechanism of the roller helps to stimulate blood circulation in the area in which you are applying the essential oil, helping the oil to pass through the outer layers of skin and enter the capillaries. When using essential oils topically without a roll-on, you need to dilute the solution before placing it on your skin. Aromatherapy roll-on bottles are used to making the topical application of essential oils an easier process because the solution is already diluted! Simply pull out your roll-on and apply it to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits.

How to Use Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

To receive the maximum benefit of essential oils, aromatherapy roll-ons should be applied to the pulse points on the inside of the wrist, on your temples, or behind the ears. This is because the pulse points are areas in which the blood is closest to the skin, which allows for faster absorption into your system. Additionally, you can apply the essential oils to the back of the neck, temples, bottoms of feet, inner elbows, behind the knees, chest, or up and down the spine. Breathing in the aromatherapy roll-on directly from the bottle or your skin will help to accentuate the effects of the oils.

Our ADORAtherapy Chakra Boost Roll-Ons include all the necessary essential oils blends you need, including:

Vitality Roll-On

Sandalwood, ginger, and clove come together to help strengthen the immune system. Spicy and woodsy, soulful and earthy.

Vitality connects you with the sweet healing energy of the earth.

Recommended for: wellness, common cold, healthy immune system

Creativity Roll-On

Tap into inner creativity with this blend of lavender, blood orange, gardenia monoi, neroli, ylang ylang, and jasmine absolute essential oils. Citrusy and floral, bright, and sweet.

Creativity connects you with your energy and passion.

Recommended for: mood boost, energy, inspiring

Motivation Roll-On

Lemon, grapefruit, and rosemary come together to help increase your motivation and energy to exercise while also supporting healthy digestion and appetite control. Citrusy and clean, bright, and invigorating.

Motivation empowers your self-confidence and enhances your focus.

Recommended for: tiredness, exhaustion, mental fatigue, depression

Joy Roll-On

Ros, gardenia, and jasmine transfuse an aroma that is joyful and romantic to create a sense of togetherness. Floral and exotic, sweet and intoxicating.

Joy opens your heart and brings forth your compassion.

Recommended for: PMS, hormonal imbalance, moodiness

Communication Roll-On

Peppermint, chamomile, and sage combined create a solution that helps channel empathy and calm negative feelings like anger. Minty and fresh, cool and pleasant, Communication supports your self-expression and present listening.

Recommended for: anxiety, negative feelings, irritability

Clarity Roll-On

Tulsi, frankincense, and myrrh welcome an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness. Herbal and aromatic, sacred and healing, Clarity supports vision and manifestation.

Recommended for: frigidity, low self-confidence, anxiety

Tranquility Roll-On

Lavender, cardamom, and rosewood come together to create a scent that brings joy to the heart, mind, and soul. Sweet and herbal, peaceful, and soothing, Tranquility supports contemplation and slowing down.

Recommended for: grounding and focus, relaxation, balance

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