6 Reasons to Wear Organic Bamboo Clothing

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Did you know that you can wear clothing made out of bamboo? This fabric doesn’t just look good, but will make you feel good as well! Although it might seem crazy to make clothing out of bamboo, this comfortable fabric provides many benefits — from being hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking to temperature-regulating and eco-friendly. Let’s dive in to learn why organic bamboo clothing is trending!

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Incredibly Soft

There’s nothing worse than bringing home a new shirt only to find out that it’s scratchy and irritates your skin. After years of trying frustrating clothing options, choose bamboo clothing instead. Soft to the touch, there’s nothing quite like it. Why spend your hard-earned money on expensive materials like Egyptian cotton or silk when you can get the same softness (or even softer!) with organic bamboo. Even those with the most sensitive skin will enjoy the comfort of bamboo.


If you’re a sweaty person, you know the pain of wearing a heavy shirt on a hot and sunny day. Eventually, you may find yourself with a drenched shirt that is covered in sweat, leaving you uncomfortable and wet all day long. Organic bamboo clothing is a great choice for those that sweat a lot or live active lives since it absorbs 40% more liquid than the most absorbent cotton. As a result, the bamboo clothing wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry longer.

Retains Shape

Do you have that one favorite shirt that you’ve worn for years? Over time, it may begin to show its wear and tear because of so much wear and washes. Instead of wearing the same shirt that is starting to lose its shape, opt for organic bamboo clothing. Because of bamboo’s properties, it can retain its shape for longer, leaving you with clothing that looks brand new for many wears.


Have you ever ripped a tag off of a shirt, only to form a hole in the neckline? Or have you noticed holes start to form in the hems of your cotton shirts? Never fear when you have bamboo clothing in your closet! Bamboo fabric is extremely durable, which will allow it to last longer. While it may cost a bit more than other materials, its strength and durability are a good investment.


Does your family deal with allergies and skin sensitivities? If so, you may have tried everything — from changing laundry detergents to expensive lotions. But if your children are still experiencing an allergic reaction that is causing their skin to break out, consider swapping to organic bamboo clothing. Bamboo clothing is antibacterial and antifungal, making it the perfect fabric to dress an allergy-prone family in!

UV Protectant

When spending a lot of time outdoors, you’re exposing your skin to the dangerous UV rays of the sun. While you probably lather up with sunblock, you may also be looking for other ways to protect yourself from the sun. Luckily, organic bamboo clothing is naturally resistant to UV rays — removing almost 98% of all harmful UV rays from! This extra protection will allow you to spend more time in the sunshine without worry about getting a dreaded sunburn.

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