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5 Ways Waxing Benefits Your Skin

Skin Care

Gone are the days where you pull out your trusted razor and spend far too long in the shower shaving your legs. Nowadays, many people have opted for another safe and reliable way to remove body hair — waxing! When shaving, you’ll likely find yourself needing to shave again after only a few days, but with waxing, you can be “hair-free” for up to six weeks. It’s no surprise why so many individuals have made the switch!

Still not sure if waxing is the right form of hair removal for you? We get it. It can seem a bit scary at first, but maybe learning more about the benefits will help you make the transition more smoothly (no pun intended). Let’s dive into X ways waxing can benefit your skin.

Exfoliated Skin

Are you tired of dealing with razor burn and little nicks? Waxing will not only do a thorough job removing unwanted hair but offers gentle exfoliation by also removing dry and dead skin cells. With these dead skin cells removed, you will notice your skin looking brighter and more vibrant. Keep in mind that waxing will remove the outermost layer of skin, so you shouldn’t exfoliate before your waxing appointment. Doing so can make your skin a bit sensitive. However, exfoliating post-wax is a great way to minimize ingrown hairs.

No Cuts or Scars

Shaving is all fun and games until you nick your leg and are left with a cut that seems to never stop bleeding — and depending on the severity of the cut, you might find yourself with a scar. No matter the razors you use, there will always be a risk that you will accidentally cut yourself when shaving. Waxing reduces this risk because no sharp blades are involved in the process.

Stubble-Free Skin

Have you ever shaved your legs only to feel the stubble growing back hours later? Waxing removes the hair down to its root, allowing you a longer period of stubble-free skin while the hair grows back. You’ll be able to enjoy smooth skin for far longer than you would when shaving — approximately four to six weeks.

Fewer Ingrown Hairs

When removing hair, you become susceptible to ingrown hairs as the hair begins growing back. Ingrown hairs happen when the hair growing in grows into the skin instead of upward, resulting in red bumps on your skin. While exfoliation can help mitigate this problem, it won’t stop ingrown hairs altogether. Because waxing removes the hair completely from its root, it limits the chances of ingrown hair versus shaving.


It feels like you need to shave every day to maintain a stubble-free appearance. You lead a busy life, you don’t have time to be doing that every time you shower. Not only will waxing allow you to go longer between hair removal sessions, but offers the convenience of getting it done professionally or at home by yourself with easy-to-use wax removal strips. If you prefer to have a waxing professional help, you can schedule an appointment and they can walk you through the process. Depending on the area which you plan to wax, you can also wax yourself.

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